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"If You Can Hear My Voice..."


Moonshine Jasmine:
Your Favorite Bluesy Folk Band

Who We Are

The pandemic was starting to let up, and the itch for gigging got to Megan in a serious way. Reuniting with partner Tyler Feathers, the duo had no idea the gravity of what was about to happen.

2021 brought Moonshine Jasmine to life. After spending a year touring as an acoustic trio, the group realized that it was time to really put their noses to the grindstone and make this music thing into something more than a dive-bar special. They released their EP "I'm Not Sorry" independently in 2022, and spent the year touring and charting on various independent music charts. 2023 brought the acoustic duo into a full 4-piece band, and into a record deal with DI Records. Now in 2024, the gang is focusing on re-releasing the "I'm Not Sorry" EP with DI Records, as well as two music videos for "Whole Lotta Trouble" and "Smokey Mountain Revival". 

Bringing you an electrifying set of powerhouse originals and toe-tapping originals when the time is right. You are guaranteed to find yourself swinging around the dancefloor, singing along with the earworms that the band can come up with. And if it's not the gruff and growl of Megan's roaring lead vocals, it'll be the weeping guitar licks from Alex. Don't get us started on the tightest rhythm section in the 412.

No matter the location, Moonshine Jasmine is ready to head your way.

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